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“I tried to do it on my own but lost bet after bet. My bankroll got seriously low and I decided I needed help if I was going to turn things around. That’s when I found BestOver25GoalsTips.com. The tips I’ve received as a member of this site have been amazing. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to win so frequently but that’s exactly what has happened. I love this site.

Colby MaulderAustralia

“I don’t get tips from anywhere else. I only trust Edward now. His tips offer the best value for the money and have allowed me to grow my bankroll higher than I would have dared imagine possible last year.

Leroy CarusoItaly

“Don’t waste money with other poorer sites. Get tips from BestOver25GoalsTips.com and watch your bankroll grow – like I have!

Hu WiChina

“The tips from BestOver25GoalsTips.com are definitely worth the money. In fact, I probably shouldn’t say this but I would be willing to pay double or even triple the price for these tips – they are that good. I’ve won over 80% of my bets since I’ve become a member.

Francois DuboisFrance

“I’ve tried a lot of tips sites over the years and this one is a real diamond among a lot of coal. This site delivers as promised and has helped me win a lot of bets over the past several months. I feel lucky to have found this tips site.

Kato ObedeyoSouth Africa

“Believe me, it’s rare to find a tips site that delivers such high quality tips. I’ve tried a lot of sites and this one is definitely one of the very best. I look forward to making more money with tips from BestOver25GoalsTips.com in the future.

J. OzolsLatvia

“I don’t know much about football but I know a good deal when I see it and the tips from BestOver25GoalsTips.com are definitely a good deal. I’ve won thousands of Euros more than I’ve spent on these tips. Edward is a terrific tipster.

Arthur EaglestonUnited Kingdom

“I don’t know how Edward does it – and honestly I don’t care – I just want him to keep delivering this incredible high win rate tips. These tips have really turned around my betting fortunes.

Keyne DellenIreland

“This is a great site. It offers high win rate tips, email delivery and betting advice. What more could you ask for? I can’t think of anything. Keep up the good work Edward and BestOver25GoalsTips.com.

Hamilton JonesUSA